Embracing New Business Opportunities with HiSilicon 8K solution

HiSilicon showcase Hi3751V811 8K innovative Smart TV Solutions at Broadcast Asia2019(BCA2019) Singapore, Reinforces Commitment to Consumer Electronic Market

HiSilicon Unveils Smart Home Chipset Solution powered by 8K+AI

HiSilicon release full scenarios Smart Home chipset solution at BroadcastAsia 2019 in Singapore.

HiSilicon Introduces Cast Token solution to embracing New Business Opportunities

HiSilicon releases the Cast Token solution in Broadcast Asia2019

HiSilicon launched solution based on power line communication protocol G.hn.

HiSilicon will show “G.hn- Whole Home Coverage Solution” at Broadcast Asia2019(BCA2019) Singapore, Whole Home Coverage Chipsets Implement High-Speed Interconnections and Full Wi-Fi Coverage for Every Family.

Embracing New Business Opportunities with HiSilicon 8K solution

At the Broadcast Asia 2019(BCA2019), HiSilicon outlined its Smart Home chipset solution powered by 8K+AI technologies.

L3#301 Suntec Singapore
1 Raffles Blvd, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore
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